Larix is a full service Clinical Research Organisation (CRO), offering assistance in all aspects of clinical trials, to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies

Larix Is Now a Part of The AIXIAL Group


We provide services within statistics, data management (DM), clinical operations (CO), medical writing (MW), pharmacovigilance (PV) and data monitoring committees (DMCs).


We have experience in phase I-IV trials in therapeutic areas and have provided services to most major Nordic pharmaceutical, food and medical device companies. 


We can assist you in planning and managing all phases of your clinical trials; from initiation (e.g. clinical development plans, feasibility and patient recruitment) and conduct (e.g. data handling monitoring and document management) to close-out and finalization (e.g. close-out visits, statistical analysis and reporting).

We have experience with the Danish Medicines Council processes and can help you with your preparations and application for the assessment of added clinical value of your product. Click here for more information.


Our Mission is to deliver high quality within agreed budgets and timeline.


Our focus is our customer's goals and their specific needs.


Latest News:

Larix and AIXIAL are happy to announce that Cmed Group has joined AIXIAL Group.
Read the press release here.

Together with Cmed and Encapsia, the AIXIAL Group is one of the largest local Nordic CROs.

This very synergistic partnership enables us to support our biotech and pharmaceutical sponsors as a global force with extensive geographical coverage, great depth and range of expertise and solutions, and world-wide resources for their traditional, hybrid, and decentralized clinical trials.