Management Team


Jean-Christophe Franoux

Managing Director



Email: jeanchristophe.franoux ved aixial prik com


  Frédéric FEHNER

International Director 

Email: frederic.fehner ved aixial prik com
  Tu Duyen Le Thi
Director, Statistics 

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Mob: +45 8188 4224

Aakanksha Roy Rasmussen
Director, Pharmacoviglance

Aakanksha has been in the pharmaceutical industry since 2007. She has a diverse profile and has held various positions in large and mid-size pharma company departments that include medical affairs, trial management, pharmacovigilance and medical department to name a few. She has worked with in clinical development for different products (biotech, drugs and medical devices) from early phase to post marketing including submission activities. She has strong focus on quality management and training. She is educated as a dental surgeon from Mumbai university and holds diploma in both clinical development and pharmacovigilance. She is currently finishing her masters in pharmaceutical medicine from Copenhagen university. Aakanksha joined Larix in 2020.

Email: ara ved larixcro prik com
Mob: +45 8188  1447


Angela Stocks


Director, Medical Writing 


Angela has a PhD in microbiology and biochemistry from the University of Birmingham, UK (1996). Angela has extensive medical writing experience through more than 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry, obtaining experience within the therapeutic areas of (but not limited to) diabetes, weight management, haemophilia, growth hormone and short bowel syndrome. Before joining industry, Angela conducted research and clinical trials in biochemistry and nutrition at Copenhagen University. She is an active member of the Ethics and Standards Committee of the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP). Angela joined Larix in 2015.


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Mob: +45 8177 8150

Lene Bjerring Bork
Director, Quality Assurance


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Lisa Thell

Director, Data Management

Lisa started working in the clinical development business in 1996 and has an educational background within pharmacology and statistics. She is working closely within the clinical development area, mainly within the project and data management section. In 2012 she achieved management positions.

Being part of small and mid-size CROs have given her deep knowledge and broad experience with a wide range of variety and possibilities. This includes consultancy positions and in-house projects for small and big companies (regional to international) within pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device as well as non-interventional studies. With a passion for development, Lisa is managing the DM department as well as being point of contact in Sweden.

Email: lit ved larixcro prik com

Mob.: +46 733 420 409

  Charlotte Olesen
Director, Clinical Operations

Charlotte started working in clinical development in 2006 and has an educational background as a registered nurse. Charlotte has worked as study coordinator as well as CRA, Site manager and project manager in the different companies in the CRO industry. Charlotte has worked with clinical trials management from feasibility/site identification to the clinical scientific report writing (phase I to IV studies). Charlotte has gained a broad experience in planning, managing, mentoring, supervising and supporting within the field. Further she has experience from monitoring and project managing in Denmark, Sweden and United Kingdom. Charlotte joined Larix in 2020.

Email: col ved larixcro prik com
Mob.: +45 8188 1448

Anita Jepsen
Manager of administration, contracts and IT

Anita has a background within financial and legal areas in the Nordic countries. Anita has worked as a financial controller, and handled international customer and supplier contracts on all levels. Anita has worked in the CRO industry since 2009 and gained a deep knowledge of this industry. Anita joined Larix in 2015 and is responsible for the administration, contracts and IT areas.

Email: aje ved larixcro prik com
Mob: +45 5127 0078